Bosque - Albuquerque Puppy & Me

Ric, Moose, & Nakita

Oh my goodness, this session with Ric, Moose, and Nakita was TOO much fun.  We ran, rolled, ate treats, and ya know - all that other good puppy stuff.  And, I laughed so.hard, the.whole.time.  These little pups are completely hilarious =D  And Ric, the sweetest gal I've ever met.  (And a B.A. -- fun fact:  This girl spends her time saving people (as a nurse), and her spare time running, swimming, and biking to the finish line (completing triathlons and iron mans like it ain't no thang).  Totally inspired by her!    

Thank you so much for letting me spend the afternoon with you sillies, Ric.  I had a blast =D