Family Photos - Fort Collins, CO

The Chapmans

The sweet, sweet Chapman Family.  I just love them so.  

The moment you're around them you just can feel the happy.  The way Brad looks at Sydnie is adorable, and Sydnie's smile... I mean, eesh!!  And Cash and Chyler are just too cute to handle.

You may recognize them from last fall, when Chy turned two and she had the most adorable little chunky-frosting-face.  Well, almost a year has (flown) past, and it's incredible how much those kiddos have grown.  And, the Chapman family is makin' moves -- so we just had to capture them before they packed up their first family home.

Naturally, we had to enjoy their cute front porch, including custom-Chapman-sidewalk-chalk-artwork and cute moose decor.  Following our front-porch-tickle-fest, we strolled on down to their neighborhood park.  More tickling went down at the park, as well as some good 'ol fashioned park-play while the sun faded behind the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  

Although life is changing for you, sweet Chapmans, I'm confident you will soar and shine (and not settle ;) ), and that your new home will bring many more wonderful experiences and memories.  Thank you, thank you for letting me capture your sweet family!  <3

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