The New Normal, and All the Emotions That Go Along with It.

We've officially made it to Wednesday!  It feels like a small miracle.

Who would have thought Kindergarten could change your life so much!?  I mean, I'm kind of kidding ... but it sure has been interesting getting us all out the door, and a percentage of us dressed, fed, teeth brushed, lunch packed, and in a good mood, by 7:30am every day.  I've never been one of those moms that gets us up and out first thing in the morning ... I've been blessed with a job that usually takes place at sunset, and kiddos that like to crawl into my bed and snuggle ... so that's been awesome.  But just like a cold little foot in your back, BAM, life changes.  And 6:30 wake up call is our new normal.

(Funny how things can "get normal" so quickly huh?)  Kayders started school on Monday.  We did the new early-morning routine, and took the little cutie to her first day.  She was placed in a class with her preschool bestie, and when they saw each other there were squeals and hugs and lots of cuteness.  The bell rang, the line formed, the kiddos went in.  Some cried, some bounced, some stood in random places not knowing where to go.  Kayden got her backpack on the hook, lunch box in her cubbie, folder on her desk - as directed - and sat down ready to rock.  All the parents stood their watching .. waiting .. not leaving .. and in came a man directing us "to the library for breakfast" and "let's let the classroom start their first day", like something you'd see from a movie.  The shuffle began again, parents saying their goodbyes, kiddos saying their's in a variety of ways.  Kayders was quick to sweetly hug, kiss, "I love you most", and then let us know that it was time for her to be quiet and listen to her teacher.  ;)  

Off we went .. there she stayed.  I made it down the hall, out the door, to the car, and then came the tears.  My baby!  It never gets easier.  People say is does ... I mean, I'm only on year two of this, buuuut...does it really??  I hate goodbyes so much .. but, when I think about it, I always have.  

I posted this on my instagram (@kaylakittsphotography) on Monday, but I feel like it sums it up pretty well --

"It's crazy how hard it is to drop off your baby to a bunch of strangers and hope for the best. Hope you taught them right, hope they'll be confident and polite and have fun, hope their teachers and others will treat them with kindness and patience and love. It's exciting and scary and emotional. My sweet little baby who is always showing me silliness and spunk, wisdom and patience, is off into the world today to show others the same .. And I'm not too sure how I'll make it through the day without her. Counting down the seconds until I pick her up, and fingers crossed for happy smiles!"

 It's true.  It is so hard, and scary, and emotional.  I mean, I'm so terrified and so incredibly proud of her at the same.exact.time.  But - good news:  she came home full of smiles, wearing a "I survived the first day of kindergarten" pin, and full of excitement ... and starving.  Ha!

The first day seemed to go well, and all was good until the exhaustion triggered the meltdowns, and all was crazy in the Kitts household.  We took it as a normal adjustment and we survived the day, made it to Tuesday and repeated the new early-morning routine.  About an hour before school let out I received a call from the school nurse.  {Insert panic here}.  The sweet nurse was calling "just to let me know that Kayden had wet her pants and would be coming home in a borrowed set of clothes".  Oh god.... I prepped myself for pouring tears during a story of how something sad/bad had happened.  I prepped myself for dread for school Wednesday.  I prepped myself for situations that I had no idea how to handle... I picked up Kayden, and she came out happy as could be, helping her friend find her mama, in khaki shorts that were down to her ankles.  Inside, I was cracking up at the hilarious view, but simultaneously wondering what was about to come.  We said goodbye to friends, got in the car, and Kayden started cracking up.  And then I heard this story:  

"Mom, I peed in my pants today. (little pause .. waiting for my reaction.) "Yeah?" "Yeah, and Reagan (bestie) went to the nurse with me to change my clothes. Then I got these fuuunky pants and we cracked up the whole hallway back to our class! Hahahahahaha, mom, seriously, we cracked up so hard. Ahhhh hahahaha!"

HAHAHA!!  I was totally dying!  And my proudness felt stronger than my fear for just a moment ... I mean yes ... she had just pee'd her pants at school (whoops), but my girl had seen the silly in life, cracked up at herself, and had another great day at Kindergarten.  I think we may just make it through ... hopefully.  ;)  We'll see how Wednesday goes ...