I'm a Girl Who...Has Sweaty Palms.

Last week I attended an awesome video workshop with Emily Joanne, and at that workshop we went around in a circle to introduce ourselves a bit ( in true cool school fashion ;D ).  Emily's husband, Seiji, asked us to share our name, business name, story of our business, and what we wanted to take away from the class.  Each person in the circle shared their short business story, and most told a bit about their family.  All was awesome in the world..

As my turn came I felt my heart start to beat faster, my hands start to sweat.  I mean .. I love meeting new people and I love chatting with friends, but when the spotlights on me and I have to talk about ME, oh my god.  Sweaty palms, hardcore.  So anyway... my turn came... I, in true crazy-Kayla-way, even asked for the list again.  I was the second person, people!  Second!  Name, Business Name, Story, Takeaway.  Ok got it...I've got this.  Oh crap, I don't got it.  I stuttered out my name ... my own name was tough to get out.  This wasn't going to go well, I could just tell.  I rambled out something about how I fell in love with the feeling of video after our Disneyland Trip earlier this year, when I captured a bunch of clips on our old Flip Camera and clipped them all together with some photos and music (yes!! yay me for getting a thought out!), and that I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills to capture more of my families moments (another one, heck ya!).  And that was it!  Blah!!  I passed it to the next person.  I didn't say a thing about the story of my business.  What was I thinking??  I don't know!  Haha, I was dying inside.  I'm such a weirdo!  I mean, who asks for the directions twice, and then still doesn't follow them?!  Me!  Whops!

Well, it got me thinking - I've never officially introduced myself on my blog either.  So I thought, maybe this will work out better, because you know, I can actually type it out, and dry my sweaty palms as needed.  ;)

So here it is - a bit about the girl and the business behind the blog:

About me //  I'm a girl who has somehow found myself in the best spot of my life so far.  I'm so very thankful for many things, but above all; for my family.  I think it's true what they say - what good is the stuff if you don't have anyone to enjoy it with?  (Or something like that).  I find myself happiest when I'm with my peeps, in the sunshine, enjoying the little things, like yard games and belly laughs.  (And preferably with good food and Bluemoon, but who's being specific?).  Speaking of food, I'm a food lover, and am counting down the days until the New Mexico State Fair and all that yummy goodness.  I like to jam out in the car, like really hard.  And sometimes take video of it and post it on my Instagram.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and believe whole-heartedly in going big, and giving it all you've got.  I can spend entirely too long, and entirely too much money in Target, and have to only allow myself to go when I have a time limit.  I love girlie things, like shopping, baking, and Starbucks - but also love the other fun things in life, like boating, 4wheeling, and sitting around a campfire.  However, I don't do much of any of the above lately, because a lot of my time is spent at home sweet home, being a mama of the two cutest littles you'll ever see, and wifey to my best friend.  Most of my "normal" days consist of dishes, laundry, vacuuming, errand running, boo-boo kissing, silly-face making, hair brushing, snuggling, photographing, organizing, planning, blogging, bill paying, and lots of coffee.  =)

About my journey //  I suppose I should say my photography journey started in Jr. High, when I fell in love with photography and all things art.  Through a variety of classes, and a really cool uncle (woot, love you Uncle R), I was able to pursue my creative side.  Things were put on hold for awhile, and my life took multiple interesting turns, and art was the last thing on my mind.  As things settled down, I again turned into the girl who always had a camera, and I adored the moments I could capture.  Years passed, and in 2010 my husband and I had our first baby girl.  Immediately, I wanted to get "a real camera" to capture her cuteness, and made it "our" mission.  A year later, a friend spotted me taking photos, and asked me to be her wedding photographer, 3 days before her wedding!!!  (Looking back, I don't recommend this, I had no idea what I was in for).  I photographed her wedding, another the next month, and more and and more as time went on.  Since then I have officially opened my business, captured many incredible love stories, and met some of the coolest people eva.  I feel cheesy when I say it, but life just seems to fall into place, and I feel like a lucky girl for so many reasons - my business included! =)  

There it is .. I'm not sure it's all that interesting, but...there it is.  I've toyed with the idea of writing more of my past, in more detail, but I don't know where to start, and the thought of it makes my palms sweat (even more).  ;)  It's a weird feeling to write things out and send them into the abyss...not knowing how people are taking it, how they are feeling, how they respond behind their screens.  The world is interesting these days, with the ability to blog, and to communicate, and be out there ... with people maybe or maybe not on the other end.  If you're on the other end, let me know!  Do you blog?  Send me the link!!  I'd love to get to know you!  I loved to hear what you do throughout your day, and how you got to where you are!  I want to hear your goals, what you're proud of today!  Tell me! =)  Contact me on your social media of choice, pretty please! 

I'll leave you with a snaps from my Instagram lately.  {Click here to see more}  Over and out! ;)

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