Farina Alto - Albuquerque Engagement Photos

Brittany & Jeremy

Brittany and Jeremy have the kind of love that you'd dream about.  The kind of love where they can't keep their eyes off of each other, and when they've been staring at each other for just the right amount of time - they both burst into the biggest giggles - nose scrunches included.  The kind of love where when they're together, nothing else in the world matters, and it's like it's just the two of them left in all the land.

They spent the afternoon sipping wine and whisky at Farina Alto, and snuggling on the cutest little couch on their restaurant patio.  From there we went to the enjoy the gorgeous New Mexico foothills, and they danced away the day as the sun faded across the horizon.  If that evening is a resemblance of their relationship, then I have no doubt that their life together will be full of love, light, and laughter. 

I am so honored that Brittany and Jeremy have chosen me to capture this incredible time in their lives, and after their engagement session, I just know their wedding day is going to be bursting with amazingness.  Thank you, thank you Brittany and Jeremy - I can't wait! =)  You guys are simply perfect together!