Botanic Garden + Old Town Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Justine + Brian

Justine + Brian go way back.  Like, all the way back to childhood.  Justine would go to her best friends house, and Brian lived next door.  Their paths would cross, and time would pass.  They grew, and before they knew it - their paths were crossing again.  Except this time, this time would change everything.  They had just finished college and were out with friends, the night warm and the music loud.  They spent the night having a great time, and the rest is history!

But a special day in April changed things even more.  Brian had big plans, and spent months, even years preparing.  He taught himself guitar in order to learn "A Happy Man" to play for Justine as he asked her to marry him.  Not only that though, no, not Brian.  He planned a surprise birthday for Justine *the day before* her birthday (so she wouldn't suspect a thing!), and invited all her family + friends.  He made sure that she was surrounded by so much love, serenaded her, and then pulled out a custom designed ring that he had made for her based on things she has said she loved.  I mean, for a girl that loves Disney - I say she sure met her prince charming!  I have all the butterflies every time I think about their sweet love!

AND, guess what?!  Want to know an extra fun fact?!  Justine is my middle name.  And Dominic (you know, my hubs Dominic), is Brian's middle name!  AND, Justine's best friend is Dominic's cousin, so Brian and Dominic, and Dominic and Justine have grown up crossing paths too.  So basically, I feel like it's super-fate!  Dominic and I are SO excited to photograph their special day!)

See the cuteness of Justine + Brian (and that gorgeous ring) below: