How Do I Photograph Intimate Ceremonies and Elopements?

Hi Kayla!
I'm about two years into my business now, and I'm loving every bit of it.  BUT, I'd love to know how I can attract more of the type of weddings I'd like to shoot.  I've fallen in love with the intimate ceremonies, specifically elopements.  Is there a way I can reach these types of clients so that I can shoot more of what makes my heart skip a beat?
Thanks a bunch,
Smitten for Small Ceremonies

Dear Smitten for Small Ceremonies,

First, I love that you're thinking ahead in your business and that you know what you love!  Narrowing down your niche is so important, and helps you serve your clients even better!  So way to go!  

Now, lets dive right in, yes?  Here's the thing:  people are going to see what you post, and connect that service to your brand in their minds.  Meaning, showing what you'd like to photograph more of, will bring you more of that!  You'll attract people that also enjoy small ceremonies, intimate moments, elopements -- and hopefully, couples that are looking for their elopement photographer!  Score!

Need more content of elopements to show?  Good news!  Something like an elopement is much easier to set up than something like a resort wedding.  Grab a couple friends, arrange for wedding attire, and head out to your ideal elopement location!  You'll have the opportunity to choose the style, set things up how you like, and schedule the time of day for ideal light - giving you your ideal elopement ceremony.  Taking the time to set this up will give you the content for website, your blog, Facebook, Instagram, and more!  

I hope that helps get you brainstorming on how to further reach your ideal clients + photograph your favorite type of wedding day.  Here's your homework:  don't wait!  Start today.  Reach out to friends and vendors and see who is willing to help you make it happen!  Remember, you're smitten + you've got this! :)