Holiday Gift Boxes // Kayla Kitts Photography 2016

Oh my goodness, I'm SO excited to share this post!  This one is so near and dear to my heart, probably because Dominic and I work SO hard on them for months before the holidays hit.  

Beginning in the fall, we spend days in the wood shop; measuring, slicing, stacking, and prepping all the pieces we'll need for our projects.  As the weeks go on we sand, burn, assemble, and sometimes wonder what we've gotten ourselves into when we realize we're elbows deep in wood pieces!  The boxes themselves have so much sweet history -- as the little note explains that the Kitts Family has been crafting and gifting these boxes for generations, and I am incredibly honored to pass them along.  But, that's just not enough homemade love for us ;) -- we also spend an evening as a little date night watching wax melt (don't we sound wild? haha!) and pouring it into the cute little candle containers, filling hot cocoa jars, and wrapping up other goodies to fill the box with everything one would need for a little date-night-in.

I love this box for so many reasons, but I think what makes me love them most is that they stand for so many things I believe in in a relationship; quality time spent together, teamwork, creating something you're proud of, encouragement, trial and error, beauty, memories, and more.  During the creation process, Dominic and I work on them together and as much as I joke that they take over our lives, and our dining room, for months out of the year... I treasure the moments that we work into crazy hours of the night, the moments that I stand at our table with the wood burner tool in hand, and glance up to see the man of my dreams, working with me to build our dreams.  Building boxes filled with love, building a business that supports and encourages strong and happy marriages, building memory creators.  And that, is more valuable to our hearts than I could ever explain.

If you received a box this year, I hope that you did/will spend time with your sweetheart, soaking each other in, snuggling close, creating those memories that will last long after the hot cocoa is sipped and the chocolate has been devoured.  I hope that these boxes give you a tiny glimpse of how much we love and appreciate you, and that you know what a special place you hold in our hearts! 

Dominic and Kayla (the woodworker wannabes) ;)

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