Old Town + Bosque Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Stephanie + Kai

They met through work in New York City, and became friends instantly.  Over time, Kai developed feelings for Stephanie, but it was never the right time to act upon them.  Until, it was Valentine's Day and Stephanie was so sick.  Kai crafted a plan, and told Stephanie that he had ordered her favorite for her; Chinese soup, and that it would be delivered shortly.  Part of that story was true; Kai had ordered her favorite soup, and it was being delivered shortly -- but not by who she expected. Before she knew it, there was Kai, standing at her doorstep... soup and flowers in hand.  They've been together ever since, and they rest is history as they say.  :)

I was dying of sweetness as they told me the story as we strolled through Albuquerque's Old Town.  It's been years since that day, but they're as smitten as ever, and it was such a joy to photograph their engagement and wedding while they were in town last week!

Thank you S + K, for such a wonderful evening and for welcoming me into this happy time! 
Also, a big thank you to Lucy from Lavender + Rose Hair and Makeup Studio doing wonderful work for this session.