Sand Dune Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Madison + Jordan

Meet Jordan and Madison.  To say they have a special place in my heart would be an understatement by far.  You see, Jordan is Dominic's younger brother - and since Dominic and I have been together ten years, I feel like I've watched Jordan grow up.  I've watched him do homework at the kitchen table, do his chores as part of the family, graduate high school and move away.  I've watched him move back, laugh hard and cry too.  But my favorite part?  My favorite part of all has been watching him fall in love with Madison.

I can pinpoint when it started in my eyes.  It was New Years Eve, years and years ago.  I had watched them interact, and I could tell that he was crazy about her.  Long story short, they ended up on separate sides of town - and Jordan was going to go to the ends of the world to get to her. I can vividly remember him brainstorming his options, of any way he could get to her to kiss her at midnight...bribing and begging any one who would possibly be up for the plan.  Good news!  He made it to his cinderella before midnight...during the countdown from 10 to be exact, like a freaking MOVIE SCENE!!...they kissed, and the rest is history!  I mean, I die.

It's easy to see that Madison's crazy about Jordan too.  They giggle so hard together, and she smiles at him with the sweetest face, and a heart filled to the brim.  She happily tolerates his goofiness and acts weird right along with him.  As her sister toasted at their wedding last weekend, Madi is beautiful inside and out, beyond funny, caring and loving, and I couldn't agree more.  Her sister also snuck Disney quotes into her speech, including "Madi, you don't only have a husband, you've got a friend in him and he's going to show you a whole new world."  <--- The cutest tie together to their fairy tale love story, if I do say so myself!

I'm honored to have captured this sweet time in their life, and am so excited to welcome Madi to the family!  Thank you M+J, for such a fun evening!!  I love you both!