Albuquerque Sandia Crest Engagement // Josette + Mikal

I absolutely love this session!  So much in fact, that I decided to save it to post as the new year rolled in, and I'm so excited to finally share all of  this beauty!

Josette and Mikal are incredible, and I adore them in every way.  The first time we met was at their session, and as soon as we hopped out of our cars and Josette beamed her beautiful smile and wrapped me in a hug, I knew that these were my kind of people!  

As we made our way though their session at the tip of Sandia Crest, they told me how they met.  That they met one morning, a morning like any other.  However, Josette had a rough morning and replied to Mikal's conversation starter with grumpiness and the urgent need of coffee.  As the day went on, she (got coffee and then) apologized with a sweet smile and a large Monster Energy Drink, and from there, the rest is history.  They laughed as they reminisced their beginning, and I swooned over how from day one, they saw the beauty of each other's heart through any grumpiness that a lack of coffee can create. ;)

As we moved down the mountain and the sun slowly hid behind the trees, Mikal held Josette close and made her giggle in the sweetest of ways.  She'd crinkle her nose, and he'd melt into her, and together they'd breath slowly; soaking in each others love.  

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