Albuquerque Foothills Engagement | Monica + Andrew

It's been years since they started dating - since high school to be exact.  Monica moved to a new school, and what she didn't know at the time was that she'd meet her future husband, right there in those unfamiliar halls.  They became friends first, but before long Andrew was asking her to prom, and the rest is history!  They've been together ever since, laughing all along the way.  Being around these two is a delight, and it's clear to see that they know how to have fun together!  

They travelled to New York last year to visit Monica's brother, and attend a broadway show.  Andrew had it all planned out - he would get them access to meet the cast, and propose when she least expected it.  However, the plan almost flopped when some confusion happened, and the crew thought they were supposed to be meeting the cast a different night!  Thankfully it all worked out, they went on stage, and Andrew slid down to one knee to ask Monica to be his wife.  She said yes, everyone celebrated - and it was perfect!  Whew!! :D 

These two are filled with sweetness, fun, and so much love for each other - and I can't wait to capture their special day in just a few short weeks!  For now - a whole lot of cuteness from our foothills engagement session: