Perfect Wedding Guide - Create and Cultivate

Wednesday was an evening filled with laughter, bear hugs, and!  It was all thanks to The Perfect Wedding Guide, and their big heart for community and connection.  They planned with such detail for beauty, and the gorgeous venue of Los Poblanos fit perfectly.  

There were snacks and pretty drinks, flowers and water features... but most importantly - there was connection.  Real, genuine connection - and it made my heart soar!  You could see old friends running in for hugs, and new friendships being made.  As the sound of laughter filled the courtyard, I couldn't help but think about how this is what it's all about - people!  Supporting others, listening, uplifting.  Encouraging them to take that leap, nodding along with them while they talk about the craziness of wedding season, and happy jumping as they share their great news.  

It was an evening filled with incredible vendors coming together, and I can't thank Shauna enough!  She leads her team and this community with such passion for kindness and togetherness, and it is so wonderful to be a small part of!  My heart is still so full, my cheeks sore from smiling so hard, and I'm already counting down the days until next time!  

Thank you so much to PWG, Shauna, her rockstar team, and all the inspirational vendors that made the evening one to remember!  And, thank you to the following vendors who sponsored the event too!
Cutmaster Music
Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm
Funky Olive Design
Little Bear Media
Kayla Kitts Photography

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