Albuquerque Brewery + Bosque Engagement // Molly + Michael

This is a session that I'm so excited to share!  I had the honor of capturing Molly + Michael to celebrate their engagement, BUT this wasn't just any engagement session.  You see, I've been friends with Molly for over 10 years! Molly and I have made memories that I'll cherish forever, she stood by me while I said my vows to Dominic, and she's been an incredible friend through the years. I'm so thankful for her, and my heart is SO full to see her SO happy!!

Molly's a woman made of passion, of laughter, and of loyalty.  A woman who is honest to herself and those around her, and who always dreams big.  She's caring, dedicated, and a friend who'll weather the storm with you.  I may be biased when I say it, but Michael sure is lucky to have her!  But, Molly's lucky too.  Michael's a guy who loves the good things in life; great company + great memories.  Michael will treat her with kindness, but throw the jokes right back.  He'll take her on adventures, but keep her rooted at the same time.  They compliment each other so well, and they're simply smitten with each other.  And as Michael pulls her close and hugs her tight, and she breaths him in and her mouth breaks into a smile, I can see that there... there is where her heart skips a beat.  

I'm so excited for their wedding this summer, and so excited to see where their life takes them!  M + M, thank you for a wonderful evening, and for trusting me to capture this sweet time in your lives!  Let the countdown to the celebration begin!