A Foothills Love Session // Britt & Drew

Years ago Britt went to study abroad in Scotland, and Drew swept her heart away.  The time passed and she returned to the states, and before she knew it Drew was on his way.  Across the world he traveled, to a dessert in a land he didn't know.  But Drew didn't care, his heart was with her, and with her he wanted to be.  Now they snuggle close, surrounded by fur babies, and the rest is history.  She crinkles her nose happily at him, and he holds her close, and together - they make the sweetest pair! 

Also, Britt is my dear friend (from Falling Star Photography) and has captured so many special moments in my life - and I am so honored to capture her and her hubby.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, you cuties!!  All my love to you!