Friends! I’ve been there. I’ve planned my wedding and I’ve helped a ton of friends, family, and couples plan theirs. I know what it feels like to sit there with the world’s longest to-do list, and have no idea where to start. So, here, in my little corner of the internet, I’m sharing all my favs. Vendors, venues, planning tips, and more. Come hang for awhile!



“My favorite part of the event industry is creating epic moments for a couple on the greatest day off their life. I'll never get over the awesomeness that we get to do this EVERY WEEK! It's the best thing ever.”

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I’m super excited to kick this blog series off with one of my favorite vendors; Cutmaster Music! When Chris emailed me answering a few questions I was reminded of why I love working with him and his team so much!! He loves this job hardcore, and has the main goal of helping create the most wonderful day ever - and that, is priceless!

I’ve worked with Chris and his team more times than I can count, and I’m impressed every single time! They guide the reception with organization and ease and make it a whole lotta fun. It feels as though they’re already friends with everyone in the room, and they’re ready to celebrate the newlyweds and give everyone a night to remember!

The experience is so much fun - but they also focus on the details! Their lighting adds to your reception and can even match your wedding colors, AND I love the way it makes your photos look! They’re constantly adapting, adjusting and growing - and pulling out the craziest surprises (like making it snow INSIDE)!!! What?! I know!

As a photographer, and your pal Kayla, I can’t recommend Cutmaster enough! And as a former bride, I can absolutely say that I wish we would have had them at our wedding. So friend - here’s the inside scoop - now you know. ;)

Chris also said in his email that “2019 is looking to be our best year to come. I'm looking forward to creating the best event experiences yet! ” He says that they’re adding something new to Albuquerque in the spring time, and will even be providing a planning app that will allow your guests to get in on the fun!

As always - Cutmaster Music is raising the bar and bringing down the house. I can’t wait to see what this year holds, and can’t wait to see him at weddings around town throughout the season!

You can find more about Cutmaster Music HERE:

— Hugs friends! I hope this helps you while you plan your big day! Swing by next week for more wedding vendors, venues, tips, and more! —

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