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“My favorite part of the wedding is when a couple shares their vows—I have to often pinch my leg so I don’t start crying myself!!”

Blog post by Kayla Kitts Photography. Officiant Paul of De Novo Pastoral leads ceremonies at Isleta Resort outside of Albuququerque New Mexico, and at Four Seasons in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A blog about why he does a wonderful job on weddings days and beyond, and is one of the top vendors in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and all of New Mexico.

I’m back at it and excited to introduce to you yet another of my favorite wedding vendors; De Novo Pastoral!

Paul, officiant of De Novo, and his wife Stephanie are seriously two of the sweetest people this planet holds! I could talk all day about how this couple makes you feel right at home, makes you feel like you’ve known them forever! It’s so clear that they love people, and they go above and beyond when they’re welcomed into someones special day. They spend the time to get to know couples and their love stories because they know that each couple is unique, and do an incredible job at reflecting their personalities and love into the ceremony.

Loving on and serving people is nothing new to Paul. He’s pastored churches and worked in non-profit ministries for 25 years - and decided that he wanted to do something that would help people through what is such a special transition of their life!

He and Stephanie are passionate about serving sweet couples; they’re hired to officiate, but quickly become friends and mentors with couples. They offer Pre-Marriage Coaching and Marriage Coaching for couples - giving them all the tools they need to build a strong marriage, and developing life-long friendships with couples and cheering them on along the way! I love this so much!! In my humble opinion - the more people (especially sweet couples) that you have surrounding your marriage in support - the better! I love that Paul and Stephanie walk you through such a special time (wedding planning), stand up with you and guide you through such a special time (your ceremony), and the encourage you and walk with you during such a special time (marriage)!!

Paul says he’s looking forward to so many fun weddings this year, including hot air balloons and destination weddings, and connecting with so many fun couples! If ya ask me, I can’t wait to hear Paul’s wonderful way of story-telling and getting the warmest hug from Stephanie no matter where it is!

There you have if friends. De Novo Pastoral - wedding officiant, and also - the sweetest duo… ever!

You can find more about De Novo HERE:

— Hugs friends! I hope this helps you while you plan your special day! Swing by next week for more wedding vendors, venues, tips, and more! —

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* Some of these photos were taken at a wedding that I photographed with Maura Jane Photography *

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