An Albuquerque Foothills Engagement // Maria + Josh

Years ago Maria + Josh met online, and not long after she drove to Arizona to visit him.  That weekend was the start of a lot of things.  The start of a love story, the start of this sweet little family. And a totally worth it road trip, I'd say! ;)  It's clear that Maria + Josh are full of love, for each other and for cute little Nolan.  His smile lights up their smiles, and when he's in their arms, all is right in the world.  And as they walked hand in hand and gave each other a happy glimpse, and the sun beamed over their shoulders, my heart melted into a happy puddle right there by all the cacti...for it had been such a lovely day.

Thank you so much M + J, I can't wait to capture your wedding day this month at the Angel Fire Country Club - I know it will be absolutely wonderful! 

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