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“One of our favorite things about what we do is making magical moments for our clients! It's so fun to transform a space and spread joy!”

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I’m back again with the blog series and excited to introduce to you yet another of my favorite vendors; Floriography Flowers!

Where do I start?? I have had the honor of working with Floriography more times than I can count, and every single time I’m amazed!

This team of rockstar ladies is constantly using their passion and innovation to create and go above and beyond! They’re always dreaming up new things, and ahead of the trends — but their roots go deep with the owner, Emily, being a fourth generation farmer. It all began out of a desire to bring high-quality, ethically sourced flowers and creative event design to the Southwest. In 2011, with some canning jars and a tiny piece of dirt in between pecan orchards, Emily decided it was time to continue her family’s legacy in her own way: by growing, selling, and designing flowers with love and a conscience.

And goodness - I think we can all agree that the world is a prettier place these days thanks to her! Floriography’s designs and philosophy focuses on and highlights our local and native environment - and it’s so fun to see what they incorporate as they transform spaces. I’ve seen them tuck all sorts of things into bouquets / centerpieces / headbands — including but not limited to cactus paddles, artichokes, and even mini pineapples. WHAT?! The reaction of people when they realize what is in the floral arrangement is always so fun to watch - and it’s safe to say that Floriography is always pushing the boundaries in the most wonderful way!

Working with the team is pure joy - and I love so much how they do all things with love at the base. Love for the land. Love for the local growers. Love for creativity. Love for the sweet couples. Love for the community. Love for fun and living life boldly.

They say they’re excited for the year to come and to get to know more friends in the community. “Basically, we like to laugh, drink whiskey and hang out with cool new people!”, they added in their email to me, with an open invitation to all to come hang out. I mean, a group of gals that can dig, lift, create, balance, build, shlep, and then grab drinks together and laugh until our sides hurt… well those are my type of gals! If you’re with me - I promise you - you’ll love them!

Floriography is still committed to sourcing and prioritizing local and seasonal blooms to this day. And they’re so excited to be announcing their sister shop - Florecita!! Florecita creates artisanal floral arrangements for weddings, celebrations and corporate events and their a-la-carte menu and thoughtfully curated floral packages meet a range of budgets and color palettes. The ordering process is easy and makes beautifying any event enjoyable and effortless. Basically, I’m over here happy dancing because to me that means more pretty creations from the Floriography team out in the world - and that’s always a win!

I could go on and on about this sweet team of powerhouse ladies with hands of magic, and I can’t wait to see what they dream up and create this year, but I’ll wrap it up here and let you click the links below to check it out for yourself!

You can find more about Floriography Flowers HERE:

— Hugs friends! I hope this helps you while you plan your big day! Swing by next week for more wedding vendors, venues, tips, and more! —

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