Friends! I’ve been there. I’ve planned my wedding and I’ve helped a ton of friends, family, and couples plan theirs. I know what it feels like to sit there with the world’s longest to-do list, and have no idea where to start. So, here, in my little corner of the internet, I’m sharing all my favs. Vendors, venues, planning tips, and more. Come hang for awhile!



“ I LOVE my job, and what makes it extra special are the love stories! I am the biggest fan of love, and the fact that I am able to be part of people’s love stories is beyond magical for me!”

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I’m back with the blog series and excited to introduce to you another of my favorite vendors; Genica Lee Hair + Makeup!

There’s something about Genica that makes my heart so happy. She has this sweet + soothing vibe about her and when I’m around her I feel like all is good in the world. And let me tell you… that’s the BEST feeling to have in a getting ready room on your wedding day!

She says it all began when she began working at a salon many years ago. Her official position was management, but she immediately fell in love with the creativity surrounding her and wanted to be a part of making the world a more sparkly and fun place by accessorizing women’s beauty.

I’m so glad she made the switch because goodness she does such a wonderful job! Genica does gorgeous work while focusing on natural beauty - and becomes the bride’s sweet friend instantly. She says that she’s endlessly excited to hear new love stories, and that it keeps her heart soft and her mind focused on love. “What a gift to have a job that increases love in my life!”, she adds. And I couldn’t agree more!

Genica also added in her email that “You should know I am a dork, and I am super cheesy, but I won’t let that affect your day of love ;).” I just love her!

I’ve worked with her many wedding days, and every single one I’m thankful for her big smile and pure talent, and can’t recommend her enough! So there you have it friends, the inside scoop! :)

You can find more about Genica Lee Hair + Makeup HERE:

— Hugs friends! I hope this helps you while you plan your big day! Swing by next week for more wedding vendors, venues, tips, and more! —

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* Some of these photos were taken at a wedding that I photographed with Briana Nicole Photography *