Take a Second to Give Yourself a Little Pat

I have a confession.  Sometimes life gets crazy. 

The to-do list, the chores, the whirlwind of being a mom/wife/business owner ... it all takes a lot of time, energy, and focus.  And, it's easy to slip into the mode of "must get all things done, must finish this, must complete that."  And then, when I do, I move on and go to the next thing.  And all is good and fine.

However, during dinner last week, my 5-year-old-wise-girl reminded me about the importance of patting yourself on the back every now and then.  You see, it's part of our family dinner to talk about our days; what went well, what didn't.  The mood of the conversation often depends on the mood of said 5-year-old.  Sometimes she has something super exciting to share, sometimes she has a story about a friend, or recess, or a random billboard she saw that day.  Sometimes she doesn't want to talk at all because she's mad at life about what we're having for dinner that night.  You never know people, you.never.know.

Wednesday was a super-exciting-story type of mood, and as Kayden's eyes lit up, and a beaming smile appeared on her face, I knew we were in for something good.  When her turn came, she finished her bite, set down her fork, and prepared to demonstrate the full story.  She told us how her table had won the "Quiet Contest" at lunch -- which meant the whole lunchroom did the Kinder Cheer in celebration!!!  { Insert waving arms with wiggly fingers up top. } Holla!!!  We cheered, and congratulated her on a great job, and smiled at each other with our proud-parent-eye-contact-thing.  But she wasn't done, her story wasn't over.  She scrunched down in her seat, and put her hands out as if to say, "wait til you hear this!".  And with a proud smile, and a quiet voice, she said, "And THEN.... I secretly patted myself on the back!!  Cause, heck ya!"  HAHA!  She smiled big, shoveled in her fork filled with a pile of fried rice, and that was that.  

She was proud.  She did a great job, and she patted her self on the back for it.  And just like that, my proud mom heart exploded once again.

And it hit me - we should all be doing this!  We should all be patting ourselves on the back when we rock something.  And be proud, and beam when we're sharing the great news.  So today, I encourage you to do just that.  Whatever road you're on, and whatever speed bump you've made it over - take a moment and be proud and give yourself a little pat!  And then, accomplish another thing, and repeat. ;)

Happy Monday, Friend!  Let's rock it out!

All my love,