This Gals Goin' Simple.

It's 2015, and not only that .. but it's JULY!  JULY!!!!  How has half the year already vanished?  HOW?!  Time just flies on by, and it's nuts.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest .. I can get to my point:  I truly can't believe it's already July.  January and July always make me think about things - and this month I've thought about and reanalyzed many things.  I have vivid memories of my husband and I bouncing around and high-riving each other in January, as we pounded on our chests like Tarzan, chanting "This is our year!  2015 is our year!!  Yes, yes, yes!!  Whooooot 2015!"  We're half crazy, yes.  But besides that - we were trying to motivate ourselves and prep ourselves for what would surely be "our year."  We made plans and we made goals, and we've reached many of them!  And I feel like 2015 has been fantastic is so many ways.  

However, in the beginning of January I switched my business up a bit.  I tried something new (to me), and although I don't regret it (hey, trial and error is part of life, right?), I just don't feel like it was working.  

You see, I changed things from photographing my clients, creating beautiful images, and delivering them simply, easily, and happily - to a much different business approach.  I decided I wanted to serve my clients differently - and decided to make each step of the journey a separate step.  The booking was one step, the session was one step, the gallery viewing (in person with my clients) was another step and another meeting - sometimes more than one, the delivery was another step, and so on and so on.  But what I've realized is that although this may work incredibly for others, it was creating a plethora of issues for both me and my clients; including schedule conflicts, confusion, stress on everyones end.  And that's just crazy!  

SO, IMA CHANGGGIN.  And that's that.

When I sat down and thought about what I want for my business, it truly was: simple.  I want it to be simple for you, from beginning to end.  Simple to book, simple to prep, simple to enjoy, and simple to receive.  That's it.  I mean, you've got enough on your plate, right?  It should be easy, fun, and fantastic to have your life captured.  And I'm here to make that happen.

So people, peeps, friends -- I'm goin' simple.  

I'm goin' back to my roots.  I'm goin' back to ease, simplicity, and a wonderful experience for my incredible clients.  I'm super excited to say that I will be serving and spoiling you in many ways - along with making things a half-step away from effortless.  And I'm confident that it will be wonderful, from beginning to end - because I've got you covered, and it's going to be great!  =)

Simple:  sim·ple // simpəl / easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

^ BAM.  

PS -- what are you thinking about / reanalyzing / changing this month?  In your business or in your personal life?  Leave me a comment, write it down, make a goal.  I'd love to hear about, and I'd love to hold you to it ;)



I found this gorgeous July calendar by  Shay Cochrane  on  Ashlee Proffitt's Site  =) Swoon.

I found this gorgeous July calendar by Shay Cochrane on Ashlee Proffitt's Site =) Swoon.