Kitts Fam Does Cali

If you follow me on Instagram (here) - you may have seen a bit of our travels last week.

We made it back (in the middle of the night with two super hyper kids, what the?!), life is back to normal (whatever that means), and I have uploaded all the fun from our trip.  And made it into a video.  Annnnnnd, holy smokes... this video tugs my heart so hard.  

It was our first family trip everrrr, and I could not feel more thankful!  It's been a bit of a tough year; a lot more time apart for all of us than we were used to, and a lot of adjusting, to say the least.  We'd been planning this trip for what felt like forever, and when the moment finally came, it was surreal (and so super exciting!).  

This was a first for me - making a silly little family video, but I LOVE how it turned out!  I'm so thankful that I'll be able to keep this and watch it over and over, and that I can share it with all of you!  I feel like I need to tell you how the days were lovely, and the sound was magical, and the laughter made my heart jump out of my chest .. but I also feel like this video speaks for itself. it is -- our incredible week of fun!


These moments are fleeting people - capture them!!

PS - make sure to switch it to HD on the video, ya know, if you actually want to be able to see anything... ;)

I also feel like I should note that this was made with our phones and a Flip video camera.  We didn't want to stress about "the big camera" - so we tossed on some waterproof cases, and off we went.  Easy peasy.

And, it is long.  I made it for us, and wanted everything in there to keep it forever - so ... it is..long.  Lol!