How Do I Find Second-Shooting Gigs?

Dear Kayla,
I've been second shooting with the same photographer for quite some time, and would love to get more experience second shooting with other wedding photographers.  I've reached out to a few other local wedding photographers, but they already have go-to second shooters and assistants.  What else can I do to get more second shooting experience and network with other photographers?
Thanks for your help!
Looking To Expand

Dear Looking To Expand,

I can totally relate.  I remember like it was yesterday, feeling lost as to where to find photographers that would be willing to give me a chance.  First of all, kudos to you for reaching out to other photographers in your local area, and giving it a good try!  I know it can be scary and super nerve-wrecking!  As frustrating as it can be, it's true that often times photographers already have their go-to second shooters that they've already built relationships with.  BUT, that doesn't mean they won't need you sometime!  

My best advice?  Keep on!  Keep on being friendly, keep on reaching out, keep on posting your work on your social media platforms.  Stay visible and stay willing to be helpful, and when someone needs help - you'll come to mind right away.  

With that, consider reaching out to local photographers for other reasons as well.  Contact them to see how you can be helpful (beyond on a wedding day).  Better yet, contact them with an *idea that you have* regarding how you can help them!  Contacting them with enthusiasm, heart, and focus will help you both understand what you're hoping for right off the bat, and will likely encourage the photographer to be more open to pursuing a relationship with you.

Lastly, get out and about!  Attend meetups, invite locals to lunch, host a fun brunch, etc.  You never know where you'll meet someone that will need your help down the line.  The more you put yourself out there, and show your passion and positive attitude, the more likely someone will fall in "second-shooter-love" with you, and know that they've just gotta have you along to their next wedding!

I hope this helps, and I hope you continue to have a big heart with big goals!

Keep on keepin' on and someone will snag you right up,