Must-Have Wedding Day Details


Let's dive right in, shall we?  There's a lot to think about for wedding day ... a lot to plan, a lot to remember, a lot to organize.  AmIRight?

Here's a list of details to get your brain rolling while you're planning.  Everyone's special day, and style is different - so this is just a sample list.  The possibilities are endless, and I'm pretty sure I speak for all photographers, ever, when I say we love a super special detail!  

When it comes to the big day, Bride & Groom details may be easy to forget in the madness of wedding weekend, but in reality, they're a huge part of your day.  After all, you've selected all these specific details, with such care, and with high hopes that you'll look absolutely perfect for your love, on your special day.  The outfits that you'll wear while saying your vows and becoming wed, the outfits that you'll wear while celebrating your love, your friendship, and your wonderful day.  Awesome, right?  I agree! 

Refer back to this list when you're packing up for wedding day!  Having all these items in a handy place (Bride's list with Bride, Groom's list with Groom), will help your photographer tremendously, and start your day off with smooth sailing!  You never want to go to put your shoes on and realize they're across town at Grandma's house, "ready for" for your backyard ceremony.....*cough cough* .... I may or may not have done this.  {Spoiler alert ... I did do this!  My poor Groom had to race across town and back to save the day.  My Advice?  Save everyone some stress ... pack up this list all together, and have it with you wedding day morning! ;) }

Bride's Detail
-Hair Accessories and/or Veil
-Rings (Brides & Grooms!)
-Florals (Bouquet & Boutonnières) 
-Anything special : grandma's broach, mom's necklace, etc.
-Bridesmaid gifts
-Wedding Invitation
-Pretty hanger for Dress

Groom's Details
-Jacket and/or vest
-Special Cufflinks / Money Clip / Flask
-Groomsmen gifts



Good luck!  I hope this list helps you brainstorm, plan, and remember everything you need on wedding day.  And if you do happen to forget an item or two, I hope your groom will save the day.  ;)

Remember, every day is different, and your day is special and unique to you two.  Have fun with the process, and soak in the moments.  Before you know it, you'll be standing hand-in-hand with your love, promising forever.

All my love!