A Santa Fe Brewing Co + Old Town Engagement Session // Sarah + Travis

Years ago, two families purchased homes next door to each other.  One family had a little boy, and one; a little girl.  And as the years passed, the little boy and the little girl played, and they laughed, and they grew.  Time passed, day in and day out, until one day the boy and the girl were in high school.  Boy asked girl to prom, boy and girl fell in love, and now....boy and girl are promising to forever, together.

Boy and girl are Travis and Sarah, and they're completely adorable!  I melt over their love story, and I melt over their giggles during eskimos kisses.  I love that we started their engagement session at Santa Fe Brewing Co. - a favorite past time activity for these two.  They snuggled close, giggled hard, and sipped light beers as if I wasn't there.  Then, we strolled around Albuquerque's Old Town, their new neighborhood, and they were cute as pie as the sun kissed their shoulders and the flowers swayed lightly in the breeze.  It's totally accurate to say that everything was absolutely perfect, just as these two are perfect for each other!  My heart can't help but smile when I'm in their presence, and I cannot wait to capture their special day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico next month!  

Thank you, Sarah and Travis, for such a delightful evening, and for choosing me to be a part of this special time!!!  I can't wait!  To Cabo!  =)