The House Saga | Part One Finale

The Sold Sign for The House Saga for Kayla Kitts Photography.

If you hang with me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen my instastories about our house being on the market - AKA, “The House Saga”, ha!!

It’s been a saga for sure! And in case you missed it - here’s a quick(ish) update:

  • Put the house on the market. Did “prep-projects” (handy-man, paint, carpet, etc). Packed our home into a storage unit down the street, staged the house. Had what felt like 4 million showings over about 6 months. Felt tortured, and like I was in a constant wind tunnel where I didn’t know which way was up. Survived wedding season and the holidays while sitting in the car with kids and a dog and zero sanity.

  • Finallllllly got an offer. Cried, happy danced, squealed, planned. Next day the couple pulled out - apparently they had a disagreement and didn’t want the house anymore.

  • Next week, got another offer. Next day, the gal pulled out. Apparently she changed her mind and wasn’t ready to buy.

  • The next week, we got another offer from the same gal. She ensured us through the realtors that she was ready. The next day, she pulled out.

  • We were heart broken. We decided that our hearts needed a rest. After much talking we decided that we’d pull it off the market and take a break, but before we could we got another offer! “How crazy!”, we thought. “Life is nuts.”, we said to each other over and over again - as we packed and prepped and house searched once again. Short lived was that glee though, because again… they pulled out a couple weeks later.

  • In the meantime, we house searched. We looked and looked and dreamed big dreams. We found two houses that we loved and we put in TWO full price offers, and neither one worked out, for the most random of reasons.

  • You guys cheered us on every step of the way. You responded to my instastories and encouraged us while we packed, while we hoped, while we cried. You asked for updates and you sent hugs, so many hugs!

We stood on the side walk in front of what felt like the millionth house that we looked at. The wind blew as we looked around and imagined that street being “home”, and said good-bye to our realtor. “You guys are seriously having the worst luck. This is bizarre!”, he said. That day we laughed and held onto hope. Hope that we’d find our new home for our family, and hope that life and it’s weird timing would all make sense. And if ya asked us, we’d tell you it’s been a rollercoaster of an experience - but we’re still holding onto that hope.

At this point - we’ve pulled our house off the market again and we’re readjusting and reevaluating and are so excited for all the things to come. For now, we’re taking our time and dreaming big - and honestly, it feels so good. It’s crazy how good it feels to be HOME… here - in this home that has held our family from day one, where we’ve built so many wonderful memories. It’s crazy how much time we spent in the car, how many slooow circles around the neighborhood we did, how many french fries we consumed. HA! It’s crazy how timing works. And that no matter what kind of plan you think you have, life can just laugh at you and shake it’s head and tell you, “Not right now.” And right now, I’m still not quite understanding the purpose to it all. Why this, too, seems to be harder that I thought it would be. But, we will keep hope, and we will be back. The story of The House Saga is not over… just taking an intermission. ;) Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts - for wrapping us in love through out this wild ride. Thank you for your encouragement, and for sharing our house with people you know. Thank you for welcoming us into your home while we were kicked out of ours, and for listening as I would sigh and shake my head in disappointment. Thank you for cheering us on and being here. You guys are SERIOUSLY the best!

In the meantime: House Projects. Yard Hangouts. Big Dreams. And figuring out where to next, when the time to make it happen is right! Keep ya posted! ;)