The Fitzgerald Family | Kayla Kitts Photography | Albuquerque Family Photography

This family has my heart.  Totally and completely.  They are the cutest and sweetest little family, and if I could move in with them I would.  ;)  Haha!  That's kind of a little joke, because I just helped Kimber pack up to move


 of her house to move to another city for the summer, but don't mind me while I cry in the corner about it.  *But* .. I really would move in with them .. haha!  I know I can always count on both Kimber and Erik for a good laugh, and that cutie of a little kiddo they've got .. I mean com'n!!  Insta-smile.  Kimber was actually my bridesmaid last month, and I couldn't be more thankful.  She's so so kind, silly, passionate, loyal, hardworking, patient, and more.  I admire her for so many things, her loving (and fun-loving) marriage and how wonderful of a mama she is, both included.

Thank you, thank you, to the whole Fitzgerald gang for putting up with the wedding mayhem, putting up with crazy 'ol me ;), and letting me capture your family all along the way.  I couldn't ask for better friends, and I (we) will miss you bunches while you're away!!


{And a few silly little outtakes, just because}