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Feature Friday!

-- Babycakes - San Diego, California --

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of stopping by Babycakes while I was in San Diego, and I'm so glad I did!!  At first glance all I could think is "one of evvvvverything!"  I mean, really, it's a miracle I didn't leave with the entire front case of goodies!  I'm half depressed and half thankful that I don't live closer to this amazing place .. I don't think I could control myself, seriously.

These delicious little babycakes came in so many flavors I could barely choose, but somehow I narrowed it down to these four :  Oreo White Chocolate Mousse, Blood Orange, Marble Fudge, and Vanilla Raspberry.  ......Holy heaven on a plate!  And, helloooo, how cute is the "babycakes" on the plate? =D

More fun facts about Babycakes:  they've got a bar.  Ummm, fun much?!
I sure do love me a place I can grab food, dessert, drinks, and sit on the patio!!
This place is legit, I tell you.  If you're in the area, GO!  And if you're not in the area, get there! ;)

And a huge big shout out of love to Joyce & Jackson, who were so super sweet and helpful!

Enjoy this post of deliciousness ;)

Blood Orange // Marble Fudge // Vanilla Raspberry