Foothills & Bosque - Albuquerque Engagement Session

Nadine & Tyler

A throwback to a gorgeous Albuquerque day.  Today is much different - as I look out the window to a sea of white.  However, my hopes are high that our sunny weather will return promptly. ;)

Anywho - If there were ever two people made for each other - I would say it's Nadine and Tyler.  These two are simply precious.  They spend their time studying biology together, and doing all sorts of outdoor activities, and giggling a ton.  Tyler also spends his time as a firefighter, and Nadine makes sure to visit him, goodies in hand.  =)  I mean com'n, that's stinkin cute.  

I am so excited for them to celebrate their love at the beautiful El Monte Sagrado in Taos, NM this fall.  

Congrats to you sweethearts, and thank you for such a wonderful evening!