UNM Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Matthew + Azaira

I'm SO excited to share this sweet session today!  Meet Matthew + Azaira (Izzy).  These two have the biggest, most contagious smiles, and I just love everything about this sweet duo.

It was winter when they met through work, they say.  And if you ask her - she'll tell you that she was smitten with him instantly.  They spent an evening gathered with friends, and they giggle as they tell the story of how that night held their first kiss, and was the start of so much to come.  

If you ask me (as Matthew's sister-in-law) I'd say that he's smitten with her too.  I've known him for over a decade, and I can absolutely say I've never see him so happy.  These two are full of laughter together, and kindness and support towards each other, and it's refreshing to be in their presence.  We had SO much fun at their session last week as they gave each other googly eyes, and we all laughed until our cheeks hurt.  

Since that night if their first kiss they travelled to Paris where Matthew asked Izzy to be his wife, and they're planning their special day as an intimate celebration in Belize.  I love that these two have a passion for the world, as long as they're hand in hand - and that just gives me all the feels.  As Izzy says, "It will be wonderful as long as we're together.", and I couldn't agree more!

Thank you, M+A, for such a fun evening!  I am so excited for your big day, and for all the giggles that I have a feeling will come along with that trip, and lots of years of fun! :D