Ang & Jake Maternity | Kayla Kitts Photography | Albuquerque Engagement Photography

{Jake, Ang & Baby}

I've known Ang for years.  She's always been the sweetest little thing.  Always.  Not a single day have I seen Ang anything but kind.  True story.  She has this caring way about her, the most gentle voice, and she's going to be getting her PhD (go girl!) -- so I was thrilled to hear that she was going to be having a precious little one!!  I was also thrilled to meet Jake.  He has such an easy-going vibe to him, with a perfect mixture of friendliness and sense of humor mixed in.  It was so much fun to watch Jake and Ang walk through the greenery, without a care in the world.  Just those two (soon-to-be-three), soaking in the sunset.  That baby is already loved, and that is clear!

Thank you both, so much, for letting me capture this special time in your lives.
I can't wait to meet that gorgeous baby!!!