The Favorites | Best of 2017

Another year has come and gone, and I can barely believe it.  This post has taken me a little longer than usual this year (whoops, it's March 1st!), but it was just SO hard to narrow it down - this year was filled to the brim with wonderful love.

When I think back on 2017, I'm over-filled with gratitude, with joy, with love.  To say I'm thankful for my clients, and their trust, and their open hearts, would be a huge understatement.  The thing is...they start as clients, but as time goes on, and we intertwine our lives, we turn into friends.  As their wedding day ends, I walk away missing them already, and find myself finding ways to see them again. (cough cough, showing up on their doorstep with holiday goodies, cough cough) ;).

As they plan and celebrate their special day, they thank me for my guidance, for my encouragement, for my hugs and happy squeals.  They thank me for capturing their day, the moments that they remember, and the moments that they may never even know happened.  They thank me for having bobby pins in my back pocket, and helping Grandma down the stairs.  For making the ring-bear smile because we bonded over Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol, and for whispering into their ear moments before they walk into their first look, "You look stunning, he's going to die when he sees you!"  For being there for them, in so many ways, in so many moments.  

But what they don't realize, is that they have impacted my life forever as well.  That I tear up when I think about how lucky I am to be welcomed into their lives, and their incredible moments.  That I will forever remember their tight hugs and big smiles, that I will forever cherish being a part of such intimate moments, and wonderful memories.  That I will forever remember the big moments; their first look and their vows ... but also the in-between ones like when Grandma told me how hard he worked to get here and how proud she is of him, or how hard the bride giggled when her dad did that silly dance that she loves.  

Those in-between moments stitch together incredible days, and those incredible days stitch together wonderful memories, and for that, I endlessly thank you!!!  Thank you for trusting me with your photographs, for inviting me into your lives, for making me laugh, cry, skip, climb, dance, and so much more.  You mean the world to me, sweet friends, and I am so thankful for you!

As I tear up while I write this, my heart overflows with thankfulness...  I could go on and on about how much I love these couples, but I'll end it here...until next time - when I'll probably gush and cry again. 

Here are some of my favorites from 2016.  I hope you enjoy them, I surely enjoyed this year! 

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans, LA

Time is crazy.  Anyone with me?  How it passes, how you almost can't imagine yourself if you were to go back in time. 

That's how I feel about a month ago.  A month ago I was in New Orleans, surrounded by 100+ incredible souls.  Strangers.  New friends.  People I felt like I already knew via the cool online world, and people that I'm SO thankful to have crossed paths with. 

I attended the Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat, and holy smokes did it rock my world!  If you were to ask me a year ago, I would have had no idea I'd have the honor to be a leader, and I absolutely wouldn't have guessed I'd attend the leaders retreat across the country, staying with 10 women I had never met.

But that's exactly what happened!  I signed up for the retreat on a whim, really.  Assuming that my co-leader would go with me, and I would stay in my comfort bubble of her sweet company.  When it was all said and done, she let me know she wasn't going to attend... and then I signed up for the Airbnb house with 10 ladies on a whim too.

We joked that it was like signing up for MTVs The Real World -- fun, exhilarating ... then the nerves (and nausea) set in as the date gets closer ... you fly across the country, and before you know it you're meeting your new awesome friends in a huge house and dying of laughter around the kitchen island as you tell each other random facts about yourself.  

And the next two days?  I barely have the words.  My heart was pulled so hard, poured into so vast, and overfilled with so much goodness.  The impact covered every minute - from the incredible speakers that brought the room to tears with messages filled with inspiration and realness - rawness to the core, to the roaring laughter and tears shed over tacos and deep conversations, and spreading our arms like wings on the rooftop of New Orleans.  Talking with others about impact, and the power of love.  The communities we're hugging, and the children we're raising.  Goals and dreams, and plans of rising the tide.  To say my heart is forever changed in an understatement.

And now, it's hard to imagine myself if I were to go back in time.  It's hard to imagine not knowing such wonderful people.  People that hold such wisdom and passion, and the biggest. freaking. hearts!  My words will never do the weekend justice ... but here's a little look at all the goodness. 

And, for anyone who's curious, my fun fact around that kitchen island may or may not have been: "I like to organize my organizing supplies."  HA!  Nerd alert!


Also, the biggest thank you to so many that made this weekend what it was!
Natalie Franke, Jessica Chang, Honeybook, Weebly, and Travelbank - that was amazing!
The Pontchartrain - thank you for hosting us!
Allie - thank you for gathering our house of lovelies!
And my amazing housemates - Emily, Kaitlin, Manda, Alexa, LaShanta, Alicia, Katelyn, Kerry, and Kemari.  I miss you all so much! 

Hotel Albuquerque Wedding | Albuquerque, NM | Celeste + Brandon

The forecast said the weekend was bringing HUGE storms, and it was right.  But lucky for us, the clouds parted as Sunday arrived, and Celeste and Brandon's wedding day was filled with the most gorgeous weather full of sunshine and the slightest breeze.  It fit the day perfectly, as everything else was absolutely beautiful as well.  We all kept saying how Celeste looked like a Barbie / Princess / Mrs. America, and their sweet love could keep you enamored all day.  Time has passed, but I can still hear Celeste saying in her vows, "This may seem like the start of a new journey, but to feels like coming home."  My heart almost burst, and the lump came to my throat quickly as I held back tears.  When you're marrying your soul mate, your best friend, it's home.  She couldn't have said it better.  

They celebrated with family and friends at Hotel Albuquerque, and danced the night away with sweet dance moves.  Loved ones toasted to the new couple, a couple that everyone can see is deeply in love, and filled with the biggest hearts a duo could have.  It was so wonderful and I think I speak for the entire guest list when I say we'll remember that as a day that reminds you of what's important, and the power of love.  

Thank you so much to the team who helped make this day wonderful!  And, a big thank you to C + B for trusting Dominic and I and welcoming us in so kindly! 

Venue  |  Hotel Albuquerque
Coordinator  |  Found Hearts Event Planning
Dress  |  Melissa Sweet by David's Bridal
Hair + Makeup  |  C. Johnson Makeup
Florist  |  Eco Flower
Shoes  |  Blue by Betsey Johnson
Rings  |  Zales
Suit  |  Men's Wearhouse
Officiant  |  Kelly Atkin with Amor Ceremonies
Cake  |  Cake Fetish
DJ  |  Too Hot to Stop

Old Town + Botanic Garden Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Nikki + Bobby

It was years ago that Nikki and Bobby joined the same softball team.  They were playing with friends, and they say that they became friends as well... but before they knew it, something was different.  All of the sudden, on that large softball field, they realized that they both weren't feeling "just friends" any more.  Bobby asked Nikki their first date, and in no time at all they fell head over heels in love.  

They say they're a casual duo, and that their favorite date night dinner is takeout -- and I couldn't love them more!  We spent the evening strolling around Old Town + The Botanic Gardens and it was absolutely perfect -- the weather was gorgeous, and Nikki + Bobby were filled with giggles and snuggles and all the good stuff.  As we tucked ourselves in a little nook of Old Town, Nikki quietly admitted that she's a little shy... but Bobby?  Bobby loudly announced, "I'm loving this!!  Let's kiss again!"  HA!  It's clear to see that he's crazy about her, and she's smitten with him too.  And me, I'm in love with them both! :D

Thank you so much for a fun evening Nikki + Bobby!  I can't wait to photograph your wedding at Hotel Albuquerque next year - it's going to be wonderful! 

Sandia Golf Club Wedding | Albuquerque, NM | Angela + Ronnie

He says he noticed her right away.  That he liked her shoes and she had cool hair.  She says she was smitten with him instantly.  Angela and Ronnie met through church, after Angela had moved across the country -- she said she was ready for change, but what she found was her soul mate.

They promised to forever at Sandia Golf Course, surrounded by family and friends.  It was a cloud covered day, but the clouds parted juuuuust enough for Angela + Ronnie's ceremony to go off without a hitch.  Well, minus the wind blowing over the alter and bopping Ronnie in the head, but he handled that one like a champ and everyone giggled when it was all said and done.  The clouds rolled back in as we did portraits, but nothing was going to take the beaming smiles off their faces.  They laughed hard through toasts and games, wrapped themselves in Angela's (Angela's mothers!) dress for the first dance, and celebrated hard and the thunder boomed.  It was the most wonderful day, AND it ended in the most wonderful way; s'mores!

Thank you so much A +R!  It was so much fun to be a part of your special day, and Dominic and I are so honored! 

Also, a big thanks to all the vendors who helped make this day so awesome!
Venue  |  Sandia Casino + Golf Club
Dress  |  Mother's Dress
Hair + Makeup  |  Bride
Florist  |  Albuquerque Florist
Jewelry  |  Heirlooms
Rings  |  Nobel House Jewelry
Suit  |  Jos A Bank
Officiant  |  Nathan Bush
Cake  |  Simply Sweet by Darci

Want to see their gorgeous Sandia Crest Engagement Session?  CLICK HERE!

Botanic Garden + Old Town Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Justine + Brian

Justine + Brian go way back.  Like, all the way back to childhood.  Justine would go to her best friends house, and Brian lived next door.  Their paths would cross, and time would pass.  They grew, and before they knew it - their paths were crossing again.  Except this time, this time would change everything.  They had just finished college and were out with friends, the night warm and the music loud.  They spent the night having a great time, and the rest is history!

But a special day in April changed things even more.  Brian had big plans, and spent months, even years preparing.  He taught himself guitar in order to learn "A Happy Man" to play for Justine as he asked her to marry him.  Not only that though, no, not Brian.  He planned a surprise birthday for Justine *the day before* her birthday (so she wouldn't suspect a thing!), and invited all her family + friends.  He made sure that she was surrounded by so much love, serenaded her, and then pulled out a custom designed ring that he had made for her based on things she has said she loved.  I mean, for a girl that loves Disney - I say she sure met her prince charming!  I have all the butterflies every time I think about their sweet love!

AND, guess what?!  Want to know an extra fun fact?!  Justine is my middle name.  And Dominic (you know, my hubs Dominic), is Brian's middle name!  AND, Justine's best friend is Dominic's cousin, so Brian and Dominic, and Dominic and Justine have grown up crossing paths too.  So basically, I feel like it's super-fate!  Dominic and I are SO excited to photograph their special day!)

See the cuteness of Justine + Brian (and that gorgeous ring) below: 

Sand Dune Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Madison + Jordan

Meet Jordan and Madison.  To say they have a special place in my heart would be an understatement by far.  You see, Jordan is Dominic's younger brother - and since Dominic and I have been together ten years, I feel like I've watched Jordan grow up.  I've watched him do homework at the kitchen table, do his chores as part of the family, graduate high school and move away.  I've watched him move back, laugh hard and cry too.  But my favorite part?  My favorite part of all has been watching him fall in love with Madison.

I can pinpoint when it started in my eyes.  It was New Years Eve, years and years ago.  I had watched them interact, and I could tell that he was crazy about her.  Long story short, they ended up on separate sides of town - and Jordan was going to go to the ends of the world to get to her. I can vividly remember him brainstorming his options, of any way he could get to her to kiss her at midnight...bribing and begging any one who would possibly be up for the plan.  Good news!  He made it to his cinderella before midnight...during the countdown from 10 to be exact, like a freaking MOVIE SCENE!!...they kissed, and the rest is history!  I mean, I die.

It's easy to see that Madison's crazy about Jordan too.  They giggle so hard together, and she smiles at him with the sweetest face, and a heart filled to the brim.  She happily tolerates his goofiness and acts weird right along with him.  As her sister toasted at their wedding last weekend, Madi is beautiful inside and out, beyond funny, caring and loving, and I couldn't agree more.  Her sister also snuck Disney quotes into her speech, including "Madi, you don't only have a husband, you've got a friend in him and he's going to show you a whole new world."  <--- The cutest tie together to their fairy tale love story, if I do say so myself!

I'm honored to have captured this sweet time in their life, and am so excited to welcome Madi to the family!  Thank you M+J, for such a fun evening!!  I love you both! 


Hotel Albuquerque + Botanic Garden Wedding | Albuquerque, NM | Stephanie + Kai

Stephanie and Kai travelled to Albuquerque years ago and on that trip, visited the Botanic Gardens. They say they instantly knew that they wanted to promise to forever there, and a couple of weeks ago they did just that. Their family and friends came from all over the world, and gathered in the gardens to celebrate a couple that is filled with sweetness and pure love. The weather was perfect, and smiles big, and it was absolutely perfect!  

They met through work in New York City, and became friends instantly. Over time, Kai developed feelings for Stephanie, but it was never the right time to act upon them. Until, it was Valentine's Day and Stephanie was so sick. Kai crafted a plan, and told Stephanie that he had ordered her favorite for her; Chinese soup, and that it would be delivered shortly. Part of that story was true; Kai had ordered her favorite soup, and it was being delivered shortly -- but not by who she expected. Before she knew it, there was Kai, standing at her doorstep... soup and flowers in hand.  They've been together ever since, and they rest is history as they say.  Except that now, now they're MR + MRS!!!

Big thank you to the team who helped make this day wonderful!
Venue |  Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town + ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden
Dress |  Kleinfeld Bridal
Jewelry |  Kleinfeld Bridal
Hair + Makeup |  Lavender + Rose Hair and Makeup Studio
Florist | Mauldin's Flowers
Rings |  James Allen Rings & Bellyssa Jewelry
Robes |  ModParty
Suit |  InStitchu
Officiant | Patricia Parkinson
Cake |  Simply Sweet By Darci
DJ | Sound Productions

Old Town + Bosque Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Stephanie + Kai

They met through work in New York City, and became friends instantly.  Over time, Kai developed feelings for Stephanie, but it was never the right time to act upon them.  Until, it was Valentine's Day and Stephanie was so sick.  Kai crafted a plan, and told Stephanie that he had ordered her favorite for her; Chinese soup, and that it would be delivered shortly.  Part of that story was true; Kai had ordered her favorite soup, and it was being delivered shortly -- but not by who she expected. Before she knew it, there was Kai, standing at her doorstep... soup and flowers in hand.  They've been together ever since, and they rest is history as they say.  :)

I was dying of sweetness as they told me the story as we strolled through Albuquerque's Old Town.  It's been years since that day, but they're as smitten as ever, and it was such a joy to photograph their engagement and wedding while they were in town last week!

Thank you S + K, for such a wonderful evening and for welcoming me into this happy time! 
Also, a big thank you to Lucy from Lavender + Rose Hair and Makeup Studio doing wonderful work for this session.

Casas de Suenos | Albuquerque, NM | Erin + Zach

Erin and Zach met in college in Colorado, and spent their days walking to classes together while their love story began.  They quickly fell in love, and since then have moved to Arizona together.  When we captured their engagement session (check that out HERE) in Phoenix, it was easy to see that Erin carries herself with such class, and Zach is absolutely smitten with everything about her.  I knew right away that their wedding day would be filled with poise and joy, and I was absolutely right.  They gathered in the gardens of Casa de Suenos, surrounded by family and friends while they said their vows.  And danced the night away under the string lights, with smooth moves and roaring laughter.  The day was perfect, from the way Erin's dress fit her like a glove, to the sweet way Zach looks at his beautiful bride with pure, overflowing love.  Oh, and the whiskey toasts during the ceremony, those were awesome too!  :)  

Thank you so much E + Z, for choosing me to capture such a special day!  It was an honor to photograph, and a pleasure to be by your side!

Also, a big thank you to the vendors who helped make the day so wonderful!
Venue  |  Casas de Suenos
Dress  |  David's Bridal
Hair + Makeup  |  Salon Helena
Florist  |  Enchanted Garden
Shoes  |  Amazon
Jewelry  |  Brides Family
Paper Products  |  The American Wedding
Suit  |  Men's Wearhouse
Officiant  |  Jim Hering
Cake  |  ABC Bakery
DJ  |  Dream Factory Productions

Baseball Field + Sand Dune Engagement | Albuquerque, NM | Celeste + Brandon

Years ago, Celeste and Brandon met at a baseball game.  As the game begun, they didn't know each other a bit.  But, by the games end, they knew they had to see each other again!  When they told me this story, and that they wanted to start their engagement session at a baseball field, I was so excited!  They showed up absolutely adorable, and rocked their cuteness on the field in the hot New Mexico sun.  Then, we adventured outside of Rio Rancho to the sand dunes and captured their sweet love as the sun ducked behind the horizon.  

C + B, thank you for such a fun evening!  Everything was absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to capture your wedding at Hotel Albuquerque next month!  

Also - a big thank you to C. Johnson Makeup for your beautiful work! 

Tent Rocks Engagement | New Mexico | Bryanna + Dustin

Meet Bryanna and Dustin. I'm extra excited to share this gorgeous engagement session today because they're sweet friends of mine. Sweet friends that I met years ago when I photographed their family for the first time. We connected right away, and have had so many memories hanging with our kiddos, having mama's night out, and everything in between. Our families have grown, we've grown, and this year - they'll officially become Mr + Mrs!

I am SO excited for them and so honored to capture this special time in their life. As we adventured through Tent Rocks for their engagement session I realized I was witnessing a lot of similarities between our hike and their life. Him grabbing her hand often, supporting her when she needed it, and she encouraging him as well. Him calm and happy, her silly and kind. As the hike would get harder, they would pull together and worked as a team - and there, surrounded by beauty all around, my heart overflowed with excitement of all that was to come for these two.

Thank you, B + D, for being so wonderful during our session and always.

Casas de Suenos | Albuquerque, NM | Emily + Luke

To say Emily + Luke's wedding day was an epic celebration...well that would be putting it lightly.  You see, Emily and Luke are teachers that live in the Philippines.  But, it hasn't always been that way - they met in Egypt, when Luke landed a job where Emily's parents were his bosses!  He says he was excited about the new job, but even more excited about Emily.  If you ask him - he knew he'd marry her the moment he saw her.  He was head over heels for her, and I'd say that hasn't changed a bit.  As time passed, they fell in love, and since then have continued their exploration of the world - but now, as they begin the school year in Manila, they're officially Mr + Mrs! 

They promised to forever in the heart of Old Town Albuquerque, NM - and Casas de Suenos, with family and friends gathering from 13 countries from around the world!  From Poland, to Ecuador, the Ukraine and more - people came from far and wide to celebrate two of the kindest, most loving-hearted people I've ever met, and it was incredible!  Emily + Luke did such a great job incorporating their love for the world and it was clear that these two have a passion for travel, gatherings, and a whole lotta' fun - with banners made of world maps, and luggage tags as favors!  From the delicious food, to the wild and fun mixture of music, and the sound of unfamiliar languages traveling through the air - the day was one I will never forget, and always hold dear to my heart!  Oh, and the amazing lip-sync surprise during toasts was a "remember-forever" moment too! :)  Scroll down to see what I mean! 

But first - the biggest thank you, E + L!!!  You two are incredible, and I am so honored to be a part of your special day and to capture your love story!!!! 

And, a big thank you to the team who helped make this day great!
Venue  |  Casas de Suenos
Dress  |  Ann Cuantico
Shoes  |  Ecco
Hair |  Kayla Chory with Heart + Soul
Makeup  |  Nina Simbana
Florist  |  Ansely
Rings  |  Tiffanys + Jared Jewlers
Suit  |  Ann Cuantico
Officiant  |  Hany Salam
Cake  |  Laura Keen
DJ  |  TJ

Hotel Andaluz | Albuquerque, NM | Maria + Lisa

Maria and Lisa wed on a day full of so much love, and huge smiles.  A day, to be honest, that I didn't even know was happening the morning of.  During the mid-morning I got an emergency call from a photographer in the industry notifying me that the hired photographer was in the hospital and asking if I was available to photograph the day.  Instantly I cleared my day and jumped into wedding-prep mode - knowing that these sweethearts couldn't go through their special day without someone there to capture the moments.  I'm so thankful I did, because Maria and Lisa were absolutely wonderful.

They celebrated their day with their closest loved ones, incorporating things that reflected them so well; a Buddhist ceremony, great food, and fantastic dancing!  Family and friends smiled down to the soul while they laughed, hugged, toasted, and enjoyed the celebration of two incredible souls.  Souls that smile in each others presence - souls that hold the kind of love that warms your heart and reminds you what love is all about.  

Thank you so much for having me, Maria + Lisa.  Thank you for welcoming me in, and trusting me with your moments!  Sending all my love!

And, thank you to the team who helped make this day great!
Venue  |  Hotel Andaluz
Dress  |  Dillards
Hair + Makeup  |  Shears to You
Florist  |  Silver Springs
Rings  |  Zales
Suit  |  Suits Unlimited
Officiant  |  Al Soto Sgi
Cake  |  ABC Bakery
DJ  |  Joseph Chavez

Isleta Resort + Casino | Albuquerque, NM | Condola + Matt

Over a decade ago Condola + Matt went to prom together!  What they didn't know then was that when this year came, they would be promising to forever surrounded by family and friends.  It was a stunning day at Isleta Casino + Resort, filled with gorgeous details, laughter and hugs, and so much love!  Their families gathered on the courtyard as the sound of a harp travelled through the air, and you could see the excitement!  They said their "I do's" and celebrated the night away with lots of great food, great dancing, and so many smiles!

C + M, thank you so much for choosing and trusting me to photograph your wedding day.  Everything was beautiful, and I'm so honored to get to know you + be a part of this special time!

Also, a big thank you to the vendors who helped make this day wonderful:
Venue  |  Isleta Resort + Casino
Dress  |  Alfred Angelo
Hair  |  Saundra Horton
Makeup  |  Genica Lee
Florals  |  Botanical Design Studio
Centerpieces  |  Marisela Serna
Bridesmaids Bouquets  |  Bride
Shoes  |  Betsey Johnson
Jewelry  |  Etsy
Rings  |  Mark's Diamonds
Tux  |  Mr. Tux
Officiant  |  A Grand Beginning - Lynn Grand
Harpist  |  Melissa Spencer
Cake  |  Isleta Resort + Casino
DJ  |  Too Hot to Stop

Botanic Garden + Banque Lofts | Albuquerque, NM | Karyth + Merrill

As I stood with Merrill, waiting for Karyth - he was calm, cool and collected.  He took a deep breath in, let it out, smiled, and said, "I'm so ready for today!"  He knew that it was going to be a great day; and he was right!  Shortly after, Karyth arrived to the Botanic Gardens to see her Groom for the first time.  She took a deep breath in, let it out, smiled, and said, "Here we go!".  She walked to Merrill, and as they embraced my heart nearly exploded.  They were both so excited for the day ahead, and I was so excited to capture every bit of it! 

The sun was hot, and the breeze light, as family and friends gathered on the rooftops of the Banque Lofts.  Laughter travelled through the air as the flag waved above the band, and drinks were poured over ice.  Karyth and Merrill promised to forever, with their closest people upon that rooftop, and danced the night away -- and there, as the sun dipped and the moon rose, all was absolutely perfect.

Big thank you to the team that helped make this day so wonderful!
Venue  //  Banque Lofts
Wedding Planner // Alena Swanson
Dress  //  David's Bridal
Hair  //  Friend of the Bride
Makeup  //  Alanna Garcia
Florist  //  Charlotte's Flowers
Shoes  //  Dillards
Jewelry  //  Dillards
Rings  //  Helzberg Diamonds + Lilly Barrack
Suit  //  Men's Warehouse
Officiant  //  Mauro Montoya
Cake  //  
Calligraphy Design //  Silver Swirl
DJ  //  Dion Duenas
Band  //  Step In
Transportation  //  Albuquerque Tourism + Sightseeing Factory
Second Shooter  //  Jessica Sego Photography

Isleta Resort + Golf Course | Albuquerque, NM | Jessica + Michael

It was a day filled with sunshine, a bit of a breeze, and so much excitement at Isleta Resort + Golf Course.  You see, Jessica and Michael are high school sweethearts - so this wedding wasn't an introduction of one family to another... this was a gathering; a full blown celebration with people who have known and loved each others for years.  It was filled with big hugs, loud laughter, and so much support from those that have watched them grow, separately and together.

They seamlessly mixed blush pink with a bit of country, tying in their roots from Edgewood, NM, and it.was.gorgeous.  Family and friends admired each others intricate boots, and laughed as they thought of old memories together.  And while we're talking about gorgeous...let's talk about Jessica's smile!  She exudes such joy, and you find yourself happy to just be in her presence ... but the best part?  Michael makes her smile so much!  Together, they're the cutest couple, filled with smiles and sweetness and you just can't help but want to hang out with them all the time!  The way they look at each other, it's easy to see that they have such a wonderful love.  A love that they found early in life, a love that they've held on to.  A love that makes them stand by each other, through tears and laughter.  A love where they can comfort each other, encourage each other, and have great dance parties together!

J + M, thank you endlessly for welcoming me into such a special time!  I'm so honored and thankful, and wish you the very best in all that's ahead! 

Also, a big thank you to the vendors who made this day great:
Venue  //  Isleta Resort + Golf Course
Dress  //  Davids Bridal
Hair  //  Patricia Hatten
Makeup  //  MAC
Florals  //  Pam Ball + People's Flowers
Boots  //  Cavanders
Jewelry  //  Nordstrom + bracelet was borrowed from grandmother
Rings  //  Shelton
Suit  //  Men's Wearhouse
Officiant  //  Paul Martinez with De Novo Pastoral Services
Cake  //  Isleta Resort + Golf Course
DJ  //  Jose Holguin with Complete

Sandia Crest Engagement Session | Albuquerque, NM | Angela + Ronnie

Recently Angela, Ronnie, and I hiked up to the coolest stone house at Sandia Crest to capture their sweet love.  While we hiked, Angela beamed as she told me about their first date -- at the stone house.  She said they grabbed dinner and headed up the mountain to watch the sunset, and all was wonderful.  That was until they realized that they were now at the top of a mountain, in the dark, with the feelings of mountain lions following them close behind.  "It was spooky!  And I later found out that Ronnie was scared too, but he wouldn't admit it at the time!", she giggled.  Thankfully, they made it down the mountain sans mountain lion attack, and with a butterflies in their bellies from a great date.

Fast forward and they're still full of butterflies and so much excitement for their wedding day this fall at Sandia Resort + Casino, and I couldn't be more excited either!  Sending you the biggest hugs A+R, it was so great to spend the evening together!  

Casas de Suenos // Albuquerque, NM // Rachel + Justin

Rachel and Justin have such a sweet love.  A kind of love that is patient and kind, the kind of love that makes them giggle sweetly and snuggle closer.  The kind of love they both waited for, and that they're both so thankful to have.  Their love spreads happiness, and it was clear that all that attended their wedding day were so incredibly happy to be part of their love story.  They said their vows on the most gorgeous of days; a day in the midst of May storms but that turned out filled with sunshine and blue skies, and so much love.  Even Rachel's sweet grandma was able to travel in from across the country, and the tears flowed as she toasted to the newlyweds and spoke of memories and how proud she was of the two of them.  And as the sun ducked behind the building, family and friends danced and celebrated the newlyweds, and all was absolutely wonderful! 

Thank you so much Rachel and Justin, for welcoming into your lives, and trusting me to capture your special day!  I'm so honored and thankful to cross paths with you!