2016 Behind the Scenes

Hey friends!  I'm back today with more of my favorite of 2016 ... but this time, it's behind the scenes!  The random, the goofy, the climbing into / onto / through.  Raising the roof, smooth dance moves (ha!), and everything in between.  Take a peek to see what goes on during a wedding day, and to even see a super-cute-helper-man from this gorgeous day in Cabo! ;) 

Biggest thank you to my sweet second shooters that grabbed these + to my wonderful clients for inviting me into their special day + lives!

- My sweet husband, Dominic.  He did so wonderful in Cabo, and I'm hoping we can work together more this year.
- Britt of Falling Star Photography
- Jessica of Jessica Sego Photography
- Julie of Julie Haider Photography + Design

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