Diamond Dash Bridal Show // Kayla Kitts Photography Booth

Recently I signed myself up for a booth space in Perfect Wedding Guide's Diamond Dash Bridal Show.  And then, I almost spit out my drink.  What had I done??  I had nothing for a booth, I had no idea what to do for a booth, and I had major nerves about standing there and "selling myself" to a room full of adorable couples.  But, I had officially signed my name up, and there was no looking back.  After I got my breath back, I realized that the options were endless.  I could create anything I wanted to show off my brand, and I was so excited!  Lots of brainstorming happened, and then it was time to prep.  Lots and lots of prep.

Thankfully, I have the world's sweetest hubby, who was a heck-of-a wood worker and built this wall, and helped me stay sane and make choices every step of the way.  And, also thankfully, I have the world's sweetest friend, who insisted she be there for support and help all day.  I'm a lucky gal!!  Big thanks Dominic & Britt - you guys are the best!

The day came quickly, and my nerves were at an all-time-high.  We arrived in the early morning to do the set up and make sure everything looked great.  And then, we waited.  We waited for 1pm.  We waited for couples.  We waited for the excitement to begin.  And I thought I was going to die.  Haha!!  But, the couples came, we chatted and laughed, and I have to admit... everything went great.  The wall didn't cause any head injuries - so that was exciting! ;)  In all seriousness, it was such a fun day, the turn out was fantastic, and Perfect Wedding Guide did a wonderful job at every detail of the event!  And extra bonus: my macarons were a total hit!! =D

If you're thinking of attending an event as an engaged couple - do it!!  If you're thinking of participating in a booth as a vendor - check out the bottom of this post to find details of everything I used to create this look. =) 

Want to know what I used to create this booth?  Here's all the details!  

Wall  //  Made with melamine & 2x4s, white spray paint, and lots of patience and hardwork from my husband.
Wall Wire  //  IKEA
Logo  //  Millers
Prints  //  Millers
Print Stands  //  Michael's
Hutch & Desk  //  IKEA
Side Table  //  Table we had at home, painted.
Pricing Guides  //  Magcloud
Albums  //  Finao
Business Cards  //  Moo
Macarons & Florals  //  Whole Foods

I hope this inspires you to leap regardless of your nerves, and enjoy the design process along the way!!
All my love,